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  1. Training over the last week has been going well, I have been putting some extra bike miles for New York City tri as last year I lost 1 min to Greg Bennit on the bike and found the bike very testing with the hills and wind so hopefully I will be more prepared
    Most of my training here has been in Iowa. I have a friend who does Ironman TJ Tollakson. TJ has been helpful to train with  as a pro Iron man athlete he has been giving me some great long distance tips for the World 70.3 champs at the end of the year.
    TJ also sent me to see his bike Mechanic who had me set up on my Focus Izalco Chrono to try to get me as aero dynamic as possible.  I did this last year and it worked very well and now I feel I have maximum power out put and comfort ability without getting a sore back.
    I am doing a group ride on Tuesday night on my TT bike which I'm not that comfortable with but I have no choice as my other bike has been sent back to the UK. The group ride is flat and fast and like all chain gangs there are big arguments at the end too much testosterone. I also have a build run in the morning then a swim and looking forward to that ride again. Next up for me NYC then the two London Races, The London triathlon and The London world cup in Hyde Park see you then.
  2. Stu DesMonies

    This year has certainly had its up’s and down’s that is for sure. I have had some bad luck this season and now I’m getting over a virus/cold after Des monies World Cup.

    I decided that I needed a week completely of NO training and re-assess my season as I have raced a lot and travelled far which is finally catching up with me.

    Everything went to plan at the Des Monies World Cup I exited the swim with the leaders and on the bike with 3 laps to go I was in a breakaway with Matt Read one of the strongest riders in triathlon. When Matt broke away it took me a good 3-4 minutes to catch him at maximum effort and when I got to him I found I had nothing left so I had to sit on his wheel for a while to recover, I done a couple of turns on the bike and we finished the bike with a 50 sec lead.  I felt great for the first couple of kilometres of the run and felt I could win the race but by 5k I felt like my race was over as the main pack caught me and I finished 19th which was very disappointing. Simon Whitfield won, Brad K was second and Olympic champion Jan Fredeno was third.

    I should be back into full training early next week, I not going to be doing the Minneapolis triathlon but will be doing the New York City triathlon and then onto my favourite race of the year London triathlon.