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  1. My First Windsor Triathlon Win
    Windsor Tri Jode,Mish,Stu
    I wasnt sure how I was going to feel after having my wisdom tooth out two says prior to Windsor but as I had missed some training My coach (Pictured here with me left and Jodie Stimpson winner of the womens race at windsor)thought it would be best to try to get another hard hit out before I departed to go to the USA for Washington and Des Monies world cups over the next two weeks.

    So I started and felt ok pushing the swim out pretty hard at the front with a small pack of guys. We came out together and there were about 5-6 of us. One of those was Mark Jenkins who hadn't raced for 3 years so was great to see him back and up there with us in the swim. Mark actually pushed hard with me on the bike but it was about half way where we were caught by some of the runners including the British steeple chaser Adam Bowden. Every one is talking about how fast he runs so although at the time I didn't even know it was him I was trying to concentrate on my own race.

    It was at the last roundabout on the bike I decided to try to get a small break so I could get into transition first. I went onto the run with a small gap of a few seconds and hit the hard run to get a gap. at the 3k mark I had 20 sec on Adam Bowden and held it until the finish. I felt pretty strong and was pleased with my result as I have never won Windsor triathlon before. Jodie Stimpson coached by Team Dillon (Michelle) also won and broke the record so I was really happy for her and that Michelle is doing such a good job with us and making us run so fast.

    My next race is Washington world cup the Des monies world cup a week later. Happy training everyone.
  2. From Madrid to  Blenheim  2009
    Blenheim Triathlon 2009

    In Madrid World Cup last weekend I crossed the line almost in last place and then yesterday in Blenheim I won. Sometimes you cant explain some bad performances but yesterday I just had my wisdom tooth pulled out becasue it was infected and maybe this explains why I have been feeling so low on energy during my race in Madrid.

    It was a very cold day at Blenham this year, to be honest I was a little concerned as Im very lean at the momnent so I new I had to push the pace to stay warm.

    I had a great swim and exited the water in 2nd place and with the run from the water to our bikes T1 being about 1km up hill I new it was a good place to make a break. i got onto my bike with about a 5 second lead so I went for it but was caught at about 3k on the bike by a pack of 10. There were some attacks from the pack but it came to nothing so I new it was going to be a fast 5km run. I got into T2 first and lead out onto the run, I was hoping it was going to be a straight forward win from there but I was joined by Jonney Brownley so we ran side by side for about 3.5k when I decided the only way I could win would be to attack on the final climb and it worked which gave me the win.

    That was my second Blenheim victory so it was a very good day for me. I realized last week in Madrid must have been some kind of virus or the wisdom tooth rotting on me and just didnt have the energy which lead to a poor performance in my books. My next race is Washington World Cup in the US then onto Des Monies where I will be hoping to have much better performances. Fingers crossed!!