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  1. St Croix 70.3 May 2008
    st Anthonys 2009
    I arrived in St Croix on the Monday about a week before the race. I wanted to get there early so I could check the course out and get acclimitised to the hot humid conditions.

    Being in such a relaxed place and swimming in the Carribean every day made race day come around quickly and before I new it I was on the start line for my first half Iron Man.

    For me the swim was easy, I kept myself at the front of the swim and exited secound with about nine others.  When I hit the bike my legs felt great but I new it was early days and I just Had to stay in the pack until I hit the first big hill of the day.  The first big hill was about 25 miles into the bike, it was the beast and it gave my legs a good shake up.  Coming down the beast I over shot the corner and ended up in a bush rapped around barb wire which gave me a very nasty cut on my arms.
    I lost a lot of time from this crash and ended up 4 mins down off the bike.  I felt quiet good going out onto the run, my legs were very heavy but I knew It could be possible to catch some of the struggling runners from the pack I was in orginally.

    After 10km I knew I was just too far back and only ran one person down so had to settle for 6th place which was still enough to qualify for the 70.3 World Championships later on in the year in Florida. This made it all worth while and looking forward to that race now as well as all the other races coming up.

    My next race is the French GP on May 24th which is a sprint race and then Madrid World Cup a week later on May 31st. I will keep you up to date.

  2. LA Triathlon

    With Dallas being the last race in the series and three athletes Myself, Andy Potts (World 70.3 Champion) and Greg Bennett Last years series winner that could take the overall series in one race I new the pace would be on from the gun.

    It was a non wet suit swim so that was great news for Andy potts and he took the swim out extra fast, I came out of the swim in the main pack with all the main contenders including Matt reed (USA tri champion) and Greg Bennett
    The chase was on for Courtney Atkinson (Australia Olympian) and Potts the two swim leaders. After 20 kilometres the main pack which I was in caught the two swim leaders and I knew it was going to be between the three of us on the run. Onto the run my legs felt very heavy the reason being I had to bike very hard to stay in the lead pack and with it being non drafting I could not just sit at the back and wait for the run.

    Greg took off and left me and Andy to running together and at 5K Andy dropped me and I had to settle for 3rd place 1 min behind Greg and 30 sec behind Andy and 3rd overall in the series.

    With Dallas being my last race of the season I just would like to say thank you to Focus for supplying me with such great bikes, Wiggle for all the other equipment which you need so you can race against the worlds best and Team Dillon for changing my training and giving me my best season in my career.