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  1. Stu Wins Malibu Triathlon

    What a week it has been for me with two races in 6 days. I am still currently in the USA at the moment and fly back to the UK later tonight.
    I flew over form London 10 days ago to race the LA triathlon which was very tough because form the start I felt flat & tired and did not have much to give during the swim and when I ran up to my bike I knew I it was going to be a tough day. My legs felt heavy and there are days when you know you havent got the zip to lift to that next level. However I pushed on and rode as hard as I could and managed to hold my position in 4th on the bike but lost 2 minutes to Greg Bennett the eventual winner who was flying that day and is a great athlete, one of the best in the world in fact. I was dissapointing coming off the bike as I knew I had riden poorly and lost alot of time to the leader and the others in front of me. Once onto the run we hit some hills and they were tough really tough but I managed to close down Brent Mc mahon from canada and held my position to the finish. Its amazing how dissapointed you can be after winning a big race like chicago two weeks earlier but made me realise I needed to take things abit easier with malibu triathlon only 6 days away.
    So after having a much easier weeks training and finally adjusting to the time difference things were alot easier in Malibu and I felt so much fresher having come into transition first from the swim I immediately jumped on my bike and found my legs. Then towards the end of the bike I rode strongly to get as much time as I could on the others behind ready for the run. when on the run I knew I could win and at the turnaround I could see only olly Freeman close enough to challenge me so pushed it abit harder and made sure I kept the gap big enough so he wouldnt get to close.
    I ran to the finish with a smile on my face and knew it was another win under my belt as I havent had as many wins as I have had this year. So the training is paying off for sure and look forward to my next race in Dallas in 4 weeks time.


  2. stu interview

    I arrived in Chicago on Thursday afternoon; it was a direct flight from London, which was great. I decided to pay for a Premium Economy seat so I could get the extra leg room and I feel it made a difference with my legs feeling better than usual from a long flight.
    I stayed at the Hilton race hotel and it made my stay very relaxing. Everything was going great in my race prep. Then suddenly from no where the night before the race my knee began to swell to a point were I couldn’t walk, there was no pain but I couldn’t bend my knee which meant I couldn’t walk. After a couple of hours I decided to go the Hospital and get the doc to have a look. After having an X-ray I was told I had swelling but no joint or bone damage and said it was a cartilage injury and to take a couple of weeks to heal then re-hab. So at this point the race went out the window and $1300 dollars to American Health services. I got back to the hotel and went to bed on nothing to eat except for a Megaburn bar which is all I had on me and it was too late to get any descent food.
    I Got up the next day and still couldn’t bend my knee so went down stairs for a Greasy fry up and loads of dirty American pancakes with Cream. All of a sudden from no where walking back to my room the swelling started to decrease and I could bend my knee. So I decided to start the race and I felt great through out and took the win b y 1min 30 sec, which was a huge surprise to me with what had happened and I think it was a shock to some of the other athletes as well. They had seen me limping around the breakfast hall earlier that morning and I sat down telling them the same story I’m telling you now.
    The lesson I have learnt from this experience is try not to get to nervous before the race as it does effect your performance - I had so much more energy than usual.