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     I’ve been living in Loughbrough just down the road from the high performance university since 2005 so I have decided to move back to the big smoke of London after 7 years.  

    My triathlon career began in West London,  I grew up riding around the Surrey hills and Richmond Park so it will be good to be back in the area.

    In 2013 I will be concentrating on Olympic Distance non drafting and some ITU drafting races.  I would like to try and qualify for London Hyde Park WCS Grand Final but this all depends on my ITU points.  Over the last 2 months I have been spending a lot of time in the gym so my body is well conditioned for when I start the heavy training in January. With a majority of World Championships being at the end of the next year, I have found if I start too hard to early I usually have burn out before the major championships

    I have been doing some motivational talks for Energize Performance with Kim Ingleby, I spoke to a crowd from a professional company about my Olympic experience and the fact they found my talk inspirational gave me a massive boost like the feeling you get when you have a great race.  The talks are a little nerve racking to begin with but once I got into them I found it very enjoyable and by the end of the third and final talk they couldn’t shut me up. lol This is definitely something I would like to pursue in the future and I was disappointed when I did the final talk as I didn't want them to end.

    My third biggest highlight of 2012 after my wedding and the Olympic Games was the BTF annual dinner believe it or not. It was a fantastic night and the best one I have ever been to, mind you the last one I attended was back in 2005. There was over 400 people there on the evening and Steve Cram was one of the hosts of the evening. It Just shows how triathlon has really grown over the last couple of years and its only going to get bigger after the success in London. I remember when it was just 50 people held in a hotel in Leicester and this year it was at the National motor sport museum in Birmingham. 

    I was fortunate enough to have won an award this year which was the Peter Homes Inspirational performance at the Olympic Games along with the Brownlee Brothers. I was very humbled to be up on stage to receive the award.

    It was also honor for me to take this award in memory of a person who was so passionate about triathlon, Peter Holmes. I am off to Australia in December to start my winter training and I am very excited because I have a new training partner, her name is Emma Pallant and Michelle is now coaching her. Emma is someone to watch for in the future, with a fast running background, she is the current European under 23 cross country champion and a highly motivated athlete which is great to have around especially when your tired. She is also a qualified physio which I’m sure will come in handy and because I am very inquisitive when it comes to the human body!

    Until next time, I hope everyone is staying motivated in this winter weather, just keeping thinking about what you want to achieve next season to get you out the door. Good luck!

  2. I haven’t yet written a blog since London triathlon because I just wanted to get away from triathlon for a little bit.  Triathlon consumes my life, so I wanted  a bit of down time with a much needed holiday in Spain, so that I would be ready for hard training during the winter.  I’v also had some injury problems which i picked up when I tried to cram a running block in after the Olympics, so these problem have to be address before I start training hard again. I will be spending a lot of time with the my physiotherapy designing a strength and condition program which will reduce the chance of injury in the winter.  I have used strength and conditioning coaches in the past, but have found what works best for me is working with the physioperapist.  I’m a very fragile athlete in terms of muscle strength and I need to make sure  that I’m doing things absolutely right before I start up again.

    Michelle and I decided to go on holiday to Spain this year.  I spent most of my summer on holidays in Mojacar Spain when I was a kid growing up and haven’t been back since.  A lot has change since I was cruising around in my speedo’s in the 90s.  It’s a lot more built up with loads more hotels and bars but its still a very relaxing place and with it being October most of the tourist have gone home, its just the retired brits and locals but that is the way I like it these days.


     I know on holiday your not supposed to train but I’v realized how much I actually love to exercise and when I don’t I get very grumpy, so it looks like I will be doing exercise for the rest of my life, I did take two weeks off before I went away, so can’t keep the body guessing too much.

    I will be training in Australia this winter and will be looking at training in Spain when I return in May after spending 10 days here I have realized it will be a great place to do some prep work before hot and humid races in Europe and the US.  The bike terrain is also exceptional, so would also be a great place to build some extra strength.

    I have two big nights planned before christmas the team Dillon night and the BTF annual awards night which is being held at the British Motor museum in Birmingham.  I have seen the BTF dinner go from a small awards night with around 50 people and now is a night hosted by Steve Cram and held at a major venue this shows how much triathlon is growing in the UK.

    I hope you are all training well, and getting ready for your winter training season ahead, if you are looking for a new triathlon coach or not sure what direction to go in, come and talk to one of our coaches at Team Dillon coaching. www.teamdilloncoaching.com